Oh My – We now have an Online Shop

Online store is now live

Oh my – how exciting… OUR ONLINE STORE IS LIVE!

Ok, maybe the ‘all caps’ is a little dramatic, but I’m so delighted I can hardly contain my enthusiasm. Our new website store is now online. At the moment we’ve eight products up but will be adding more as time goes on, the important thing is that it’s now live.

Take a look at the new online shop

Work was obviously supervised by ‘Salem the Cat’ who gave it a ringing ‘meh’ endorsement in the way only a cat can. He’s now attempting to sleep through my excitement and giving me the stink eye when I make too much noise and disturb him.

Now I know people are going to ask about other well-known selling platforms and wonder why I’m not selling on there. In all honesty, I have in the past but a combination of lack of control and worry over my art selling online while I’m at a live event led to the decision to pull the plug. The solution? Create a completely separate inventory just for online and open a store on my own website where I can maintain control.

So the items you see here are not for sale anywhere else, including from me at markets and fairs. However, if something catches your eye you can always arrange to pick it up at an event (and get rid of those pesky postage charges). Just buy it in the shop and select local pickup instead of delivery, click and collect style. Equally, if you’ve seen something in person but couldn’t get it on the day, get in touch as we might be able to arrange to ship it out for you (assuming it hasn’t been sold of course).

Does that all make sense? I hope so. So I guess all that remains now is for me to share the like to the shop (here it is) and also let you know that you can find it up at the top of the page where it says ‘shop’.

Take care

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